Celebrating 10 Millions plays

Alike short film has reached 10 Million plays in youtubevimeo  and social networks. We want to celebrate it by sharing with you our full soundtrack online. So you will enjoy this great and beautiful music composed by Oscar Araujo and performed by Kaabestri Ensemble for our short film.

We hope you like it!
Alike Team


Alike lleva más de 10 millones de reproducciones en youtube, vimeo y redes sociales.
Para celebrarlo queremos compartir con vosotros la banda sonora completa de forma online. Así podréis disfrutar de la maravillosa música que compuso Oscar Araujo e interpretada por Kaabestri Ensemble para nuestro cortometraje.

Esperamos que os guste.
Alike Team

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  1. I love this video! I've written a story that is very close to this film, you can read if if you'd like on my blog - http://practicehealingmedicine.blogspot.com/2014/10/story-for-you-happy-autumn.html